Refund Policy

Our company is providing bulk accounts for years now. we’ve belief and faith in our service. We don’t provide any fake accounts to our clients. We always attempt to maintain the standard of our accounts. You won’t get accounts at such a coffee price with a top-quality like this without us. But yet, to err is human. So we will also make mistakes. you’ll have issues and complications regarding our service or contents. However, if, for any reason, you face any quite problem handling us or using our products, accounts then do contact us as soon as possible. If you’re not completely satisfied together with your purchase, you don’t get to hesitate to contact us even for a  second. you’ll just simply return the unused portion to us within the daily limit of your initial purchase we mentioned in our terms and policy, and it’ll be our pleasure to refund the acquisition amount to your card, or issue you a store credit for the acquisition amount and cause you to satisfied with our service in order that you’ll have that trust to be with us for the longer-term dealing. We believe in satisfactory customer service. But please attempt to note the subsequent minor exceptions to our normally generous return policy: If your product isn’t defective, usually we don’t give refunds to large-sized products. for instance, if you’ve got purchased 7000 accounts or 15000accounts package when a 6000 accounts package is additionally available, it’ll not be eligible for return. it’s our recommendation that you simply order the littlest available full size or a Moxie Mini if you’re trying our products for the primary time.
If you buy thousands of bulk accounts for us and gift it to your friend’s office or company, then if they use it, we won’t be ready to accept the return and provides you refunds. you’ll only get refunds accounts that won’t be sued or logged in. We won’t be ready to process Mastercard refunds if it occurs quite 120 days from the date of purchase. These are the straightforward grounds on which you’ll invite refunds to us by returning our products. to assist us to expedite your return request, please follow the straightforward steps listed below:

1) As we are always active in our mail, so you’ll contact us through our mail address, which is given at the rock bottom of our website. you’ll also see there a telephone number by which you’ll also contact us. Now, if you would like to return accounts and obtain refunds, got to “> you want to need to inform us through mail or phone within the first place. then, we’ll start our query and can check your returned accounts.

2) Please don’t forget to incorporate your Order Number on the decision or mail within the first place. you furthermore may get to tell us if you favor possessing your return processed for store credit or as a credit back to the cardboard on which you made the acquisition. there’s no exchange system in our return and refund policy.

3) you’ll be notified after we get your request mail for refunds and can offer you a notification when our query and checking are over. we’ll allow you to realize the surety of getting refunds over mail.

4) you would like to mail us all the detailed documents of our accounts with the proof of not using them. We cannot process a credit until we get all the documents of our accounts and have the proof that they weren’t logged in or used.

5) you’ll also send them through courier if you would like. Then send us to our office address, which is additionally given at rock bottom of the location.

6) you’ll return all of your accounts during a body on our site. you’ll handover us by yourself though it’s tough for many folks. But yet there’s an option of this too.

7) For your and your product’s own safety and protection, we recommend that you simply send your return via an insured method in order that they will be tracked within the case of injury or loss. It will also ensure prompt delivery of the accounts. We regret to mention that return shipping fees aren’t refundable. If there’s any case of damaged or fake items, please contact us immediately on our user support for assistance. Please see the knowledge about returnable accounts below: Your return request is going to be processed promptly. Most refunds are processed within the mentioned period described on the terms and conditions. it’ll be 7-15  business days from the acquisition date of receipt.  Most refunds are processed within 7-10 business days from the acquisition date of receipt and are shipped via mail or on your MasterCard. But just in case there’s a problem, we’ll allow you to know needless to say. An email is going to be sent to verify the receipt and processing of your return request. Please note: Only products purchased through our online store are returnable for refund. If you would like to return the accounts purchased from our office, then you ought to plan to return it at the purpose of purchase just in case you’re not willing to require it, or it’s any issues. Most of our retailers have generous return policies and will be ready to provide you with either a full refund or a half refund.

Fake or lost Items

When your order arrives, please scrutinize them. it’s happened enormous of times that documents of accounts are missing. If anything like this happened with you furthermore may then do contact us immediately. it’s normal for the company to try to do this stuff. However, if damage occurred to the item(s) in your shipment, please notify us immediately at our site or our mail as soon as possible. attempt to add your purchase information through the mail.  it’s a must; otherwise, we won’t check out your matter.

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